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Following the path of the Prophet  is an essential part of being a Muslim.
It plays a priceless role in understanding what it means to posses an unconditional love for Allah swt. Not only that, his teachings provide us with the wisdoms of becoming more purposeful and intentional members of our communities and our own homes.

This is a space created for us to share Hadiths and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad , with the aim of bettering our own selves and optimising our character and composure as believers.
“The sayings collected here are ultimately meant as an introduction to the marvellous and gifted teacher whom the Qur’an describes as “a mercy to all the worlds.” Read each one slowly, contemplatively, letting it reveal its wisdom to you. As the Prophet ﷺ reminded us, “Consideration is from God, and haste is from Satan.” Find one that speaks to you, and listen to it. Let it permeate you, and then in the example of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ try to implement it in your life.” – The Content of Character

Photography by Nadeem Ghafur @nadeemghafur
Jummah (Friday) prayers/Eyup Sultan Mosque/Istanbul, Turkey

Featured photography by Nadeem Ghafur @nadeemghafur (1-5)
Featutured photography by Omair Shah @_omair.s (6, 11)
Featured photography by Dana Mahmound @dana.mahh
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