A place of solace
A place of purpose
A place where our hearts can learn to resurface

Where loss has no remanence
And finding is in abundance
Our hearts are fated to soften in remembrance

Come open minded and softened tongue
Come weepy eyed and broken song
Breathe deeply, breathe purposely
Breathe in the beauty and exude wholeheartedly

For here is refuge
Here is peace
Here is where our souls find relief
Share your poetry and speak for your spirit
It is in this space that bounty is what you are sure to inherit

Poetry by Zinab Keshk (@breatheinbeautiful)

Photography by Nadeem Ghafur (@nadeemghafur)
Registan Square/Samarkand, Uzbekistan

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Welcoming Ramadan

Written by Amelia Natasha Jafar It’s not the usual Ramadan, but Alhamdulillah we made it to another.  My soul danceswith bloomed flowers and spring’s windas it grinsto greet the new moon. How blessed are we to experience another yearanother Ramadananother opportunity to get close to our Creator. I pray your heart is split openSo the good can go in and your…

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RMC Founder Feature!


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Written by Anja Saleh you have truly been a mirror,one that I needed more than I knew I did.I have learned that silenceis my favorite language.there is little misunderstanding andmuch peace hidden in this sort of full nothingness.oh, the discomfort it brought, too!but nothing ever changed in comfort only.I accept. I fasted more than food…