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Welcome to the healing space.

Ramadan is a time for us to heal our souls from the weight of this world. It is a time for us to recuperate, reconnect and reinvigorate our faith, our minds and our bodies. It also flies past, and we often find ourselves getting to the end, grateful, blessed and tired, but praying for more time. 

We wanted to create a space on this site which can be used to help us to heal productively: to make the most of the time we have, using insights from across a wide variety of traditions: scientific, mindful and spiritual. To help us develop habits that enable us to retract from the world and grow into our faith, and into a relationship with Allah swt and His Messenger with tranquillity and ease which we can take from this month on into our lives beyond. 

We hope to share practices which have helped us, and we would love to hear what has helped you! So please share your ideas so we can bring the community together to share this space where we can all take a breath and be with each other, ourselves and with God.

Ramadan Reflections

Written by Naman Siad Sadness is not unprecedented in Islamic tradition. Our most beloved role models from Prophets to Sahabah have all experienced sadness, anxiety, and difficult obstacles in life. Often we are fed this narrative that there is no room for sadness in the hearts of “strong believers”, that exhibiting sadness is a form … Continue reading Ramadan Reflections

Ramadan Reflections.

Written by Rahan Alam In my slightly younger years, I would look at Ramadan as a burden, and in return it would treat me in that way. In 2018, after a life changing experience within a Naqshbandi Masjid, I decided to change my approach to this Holy month, and accept Ramadan for what it is … Continue reading Ramadan Reflections.

RMC Team Member Feature!

RMC Team Member Feature!

The Sweetness of Faith

Written by Sohaib Nawaz I wanted to write something close and dear to my heart, something I have experienced in life and that I feel people may relate to, or may have tips regarding how to overcome such situations. Growing up, I didn’t find joy or sweetness in faith, in fact it was a chore; … Continue reading The Sweetness of Faith

RMC Team Member Feature!

Love through death

Written by Amelia Jafar “It has taken death to give birth to a whole galaxy of love within me” — Amelia Jafar I have never experienced a pain more excruciating than losing my father,But Allah knows best. Subhanallah, He surely does. Allah doesn’t take something away from you without giving you something in return. This … Continue reading Love through death

My Ramadan 2020

Written by Iqra Yousaf Ramadan during this pandemic may seem disheartening but in some instances, it is a blessing in disguise.  The ideal time for reflection of our small privileges and blessings we never took much time to consider. So far is has been beautifully challenging. Encompassing a rollercoaster of emotions (and I am not … Continue reading My Ramadan 2020

RMC Team Member Feature!

The Power of Habit

Blog post written by Nabila Qureshi This post is a summary of studies in and reflections upon ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg. For anyone who wants to understand the scientific process of habit formation as well as how this knowledge has been utilized to advance social change, to alter company behaviour, and much … Continue reading The Power of Habit

On Fulfilment.

Written by Alman Nusrat We are taught that before we came into this world, we existed in a pre-worldly realm- where we engaged in perpetual worship of One True Creator. There, we had no attachments and no needs, save God. And it was there that we felt complete. As our souls fused with our physical … Continue reading On Fulfilment.

Ramadan Reflection.

Written by Mustafa Briggs This Ramadan has been unlike any Ramadan we have ever experienced before, due to the unprecedented effects of the global pandemic and the resulting self-isolation and social inclusion measures that have been put in place across the globe, and so many Muslims the world over have found themselves having to spend … Continue reading Ramadan Reflection.

Reflections on Ramadan

Written by Anja Saleh you have truly been a mirror,one that I needed more than I knew I did.I have learned that silenceis my favorite language.there is little misunderstanding andmuch peace hidden in this sort of full nothingness.oh, the discomfort it brought, too!but nothing ever changed in comfort only.I accept. I fasted more than food … Continue reading Reflections on Ramadan

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