Written by Amelia Natasha Jafar

It’s not the usual Ramadan, but Alhamdulillah we made it to another. 

My soul dances
with bloomed flowers
 and spring’s wind
as it grins
to greet the new moon. 

How blessed are we 
to experience another year
another Ramadan
another opportunity 
to get close to our Creator. 

I pray your heart is split open
So the good can go in 
and your soul be at peace
as you dive within. 

May your days be filled
with good deeds
 As we fast to cleanse our bodies
from ego and greed. 

May your nights be filled
 with gratitude and prayer
seeking redemption
and guidance from your Maker. 

My brothers and sisters
Though this year’s Ramadan
 is new to us all
But let’s not forget the point of it all. 

Setting intentions
minding your words
And Inshallah
All your prayers will be heard. 

Ramadan Kareem! 

Featured image by Nadeem Ghafur @nadeemghafur

Thank you Amelia for sharing such a positive and warming ode to the welcome of Ramadan.

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