Written by Hafsa Moolla

assalamualaikum guys,

 i just wanted to share a few tips on how we can make the most of our time in ramadan. especially due to the uncertainty and anxiety many of us are experiencing, it’s important for us to keep our focus on our spiritual health generally. i, myself, have often disregarded mine during this time by putting other things as priority. with that being said, as difficult as it may be, ramadan has come at the perfect time. the most important part of ramadan is to recharge our spirituality and carry over the habits we gain in ramadan throughout our life and in’sha’Allah i hope these tips allow us to do that.

1. do little of loads of different acts of ibaadah every day.

– many of us enter ramadan with a lot of spiritual energy and therefore place high expectations of ourselves to do loads and loads of ibaadah. we think we can carry it on throughout the month, but it often never works out that way (at least for me). this is because we end up getting spiritually burnt out from doing too much in one go. to prevent this, i would recommend doing little chunks of different acts of ibaadah. for example: reading a juz of the Qur’aan, doing your dhikr and duas, reading hadeeth, islamic history and general islamic knowledge. many of us who’ve grown up in the western world don’t have the privilege of understanding the language of the Qur’aan so reading the translation alongside the tafseer, is also important. instead of reading the Qur’aan or other islamic books, you can also listen to recitations (with translations and tafseer) and lectures, so you can take in the knowledge while carrying out other commitments.

2. practice active spirituality.

–  this is a concept we often overlook. we are always reminded to read and listen, but we often forget that the words we read and listen to must be put into action. it is definitely easier said than done but we should make the intention to improve ourselves. i have a lot of personality flaws that i need to work on and ramadan helps me reflect on them and actively change them. in’sha’Allah it can do the same for you.

3. channel your spirituality in different ways.

– we often spend our entire day praying and reading which, like i mentioned before, can lead to a spiritual burnout. to avoid this, we can also express our spirituality through creativity like poetry, singing, painting, drawing. remember: you don’t have to be an artist to do these things. the reason i think this is so important is because it allows you to reflect on your connection with your religion and Allah, but also express your creative side. engaging with this side of you also relieves anxiety, which we all need during this time.

4. be there for those who are spending ramadan alone.

– during ramadan, communities often become a safe space for those who are alone. however due to the unfortunate circumstances, they may no longer find that. therefore, it is so crucial for us to check up on those spending ramadan alone or away from their families. you could even do iftar over video calls if that’s something they’d enjoy. lastly, have insightful conversations with your friends, reflecting over your spirituality with each other and trust me, it will leave you both feeling content.

5. to those struggling mentally, be easy on yourself.

– linking to my first tip, it’s important not to have extremely high expectations of yourself. take baby steps. ramadan can be a difficult time in different ways for different people whether that’s because of anxiety, loneliness, an eating disorder or any other illness. especially right now, with us being at home, we don’t have routines to keep us busy so we can easily fall back into these scary cycles. if you find yourself struggling to actively read Qur’aan due to your state, even listening will benefit. and if you’re going through a difficult time, reach out to a trusted friend or family member.

most importantly, talk to Allah, especially when you just want someone to listen. 

– hafsa moolla | @letgotoholdon (instagram)

Photography by Dana Mahmoud @dana.mahh

Thank you Hafsa, for sharing these valuable tips on how to better our experiences during the Holy month of Ramadan

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