Written by Rahan Alam

In my slightly younger years, I would look at Ramadan as a burden, and in return it would treat me in that way.

In 2018, after a life changing experience within a Naqshbandi Masjid, I decided to change my approach to this Holy month, and accept Ramadan for what it is and embrace it.
This totally changed my outlook and how I felt within the month, as I can now appreciate the spirituality it holds and give the month the respect it deserves.

Since my change of perspective, the month has brought so many blessings and a sense of peace into my life. This reminded me of the very well known hadith where Allah swt says:

“Take one step toward Me, I will take ten steps towards you.
Walk towards Me, I will run towards you.”

[Hadith Qudsi]

I now use Ramadan as a form of reset and detox. Spiritual reset and physical detox.

This month (especially in our current situation) allows us to look inwards and address the issues we are facing and gives us the strength to overcome those issues physical or spiritual. I pray that everyone can involve themselves in countless amounts of ibadah this month and moving forward; whether that be reading Quran, Performing Dhikhr of Allah (SWT) and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or gaining knowledge of the Deen.

“Ramadan in lock down has really made me realise the importance of community and how much I’ve taken it for granted in the past. However with that being said it has also allowed me to turn inwards and also step back from the world and re-align my energy.”

Featured photography by Dana Mahmoud @dana.mahh

Thank you Rahan, for sharing your comforting thoughts and advice. We can all take from your advice.

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