Written by our founder Zinab Keshk

Corners of a Majestic Cube ⁣
Zoom deeply into the Divine⁣

Corners of a Conscious Mind⁣
In search of Home-ward bound signs.⁣

Corners of a Prayer Mat⁣
Placed gracefully on your carpeted floor⁣

Corners of a Holy Book ⁣
A beautiful means to His Righteous Door.⁣

For here is a place for worship,⁣
Here is promise ⁣
Here is content ⁣
And to it your heart flees, free from anything to resent.⁣

Amaanah carried on your shoulders⁣
As prayers to cherish⁣
Prayers to repent⁣
You ensure to say them as such, ensure to savour a dua well spent.⁣

And as you inhale in awe ⁣
And exhale in relief⁣
Revalidated once more ⁣
is your ⁣
unwavering belief.⁣

You value a moment your spirit ⁣
will never leave behind⁣
As shahaada takes renewed meaning in the centre of your mind.⁣

And now the corners align⁣
As your taqwa takes its majestic flight⁣

Spirituality and logic combine
With a will that exceeds expectation’s sight. ⁣

Gone is the appeal for a life ⁣
Of defiance and perversity, ⁣
For the moment has arrived ⁣
And you are invited to sample Eternity.

Photography by Umar Islam @umarislam

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