Written by our founder Zinab Keshk

A woman’s relationship with the Creator is something of resilience
A profound and powerful spiritual experience
A tale of heart and mind centred with compatible brilliance
Pitying men who favour misogyny and their words of insignificance

A woman’s relationship with the Almighty is something that is unmatched
While biology calls us from prayer, our hearts and souls remain attached
As bodies reset for a week or so, and time from us is snatched
Our love for the Ever-Living is sustained, despite the life that did not hatch

A woman’s relationship with the Most Merciful is something of a miracle For when we are deprived from embracing His Words, our voices breach the surface that is spherical
And the promise of the Lord’s response requires no theory, for it is empirical
Ask Ascia about her Home with Him, her lasting duas were beyond the lyrical

A woman’s relationship with the Most Benevolent is something of true love
When she is forced away from her prayer mat, her return fits just like a glove
And while the dunya likes to oppress, discussing rights she is devoid of
He celebrates her with honours, qualifications awarded only from above

A woman’s relationship with the All-Seeing is something that is unseen
For when her pain is crippling beneath she remains striving for her Deen
With hands that are clasped tight, she awaits for her meeting with her Rabb
Until her heart is eased with a cooling tear that she sets free upon her rug

A woman’s relationship with Allah is truly something that is ambitious
For if men were pushed so far perhaps their faith would be suspicious
Whilst a woman returns to His embrace in a moment that is auspicious
And so, the cycle begins again and her days are numbered as expeditious

So while we may depart from Ramadan before its prescribed time to leave
We must recall all of the moments our hearts stood firm on His belief
And although this is a month of prayer and qur’an – please sister, do not grieve
For we have spent our entire existence seeking other forms of spiritual relief

And it is in Ramadan that we can truly exercise this profound strength
Whereby ritualistic favours are outweighed by sabr at an extensive length
So sis take comfort knowing that this is all part of your powerful spiritual experience
For you are proof: a woman’s relationship with the Creator is something of resilience

Women don’t talk about it enough, but we go through more than one cycle during Ramadan; aside from the biological, we experience emotional, mental and physical cycles that can be rather exhausting and overwhelming, and we simply just don’t make enough room for the conversation. However, these cycles of exertion, are also cycles of dimension- they add to and strengthen our bond to Allah swt. Like a boomerang, we come back to the Lord like we never left. And that’s the thing, we actually never leave, we just can’t physically engage in the acts of a conventional worshipper. And these days of physical restriction in worship are a testament to the dedication we have to our Lord, for we do not need to be reminded by constant physical acts to stay steadfast to our Rabb, we are entrusted with days without because we are capable of reaching out to Him regardless. Like riding a bike, we have our training wheels removed, we can soar in His embrace.

One thing my beloved friend once told me that I’ll never forget- a woman’s relationship with Allah swt is resilient and powerful, she is forced away from ritualistic acts of worship for a time and is trusted to return with full strength. Whereas men may not have been entrusted with such a favour as they do not have the same yearning and bond with the Almighty, that is unique to the female.
This poem is dedicated to all the sisters who feel deprived of the spiritual experience, you are sitting on gold. This is dedicated to the sisters who reached out in hopelessness, you are a trove of jewels, tap into your worth and realise the gift that has been entrusted uniquely to our species. Alhamdolilah for the Wisdom of such a Merciful Lord.

Featured photography by Nadeem Ghafur @nadeemghafur

One thought on “Something of resilience

  1. Women are truly blessed, because Allah help is always near! When we mend our relationship with Him, this is what happens:

    As soon as I began praying on time, Allah swt created ease in all matters of my life – personal, professional, social, spiritual etc. Everything around me fit into this perfect sequence, which earlier was chaotic. My entire day was filled with positivity, and I found myself smiling often. No worry or doubt passed my mind. And this was just the beginning of miracles. For more, click the below link:



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