A poem written by Hamda Abdi Issa

Ya rabb, 
unite me with him who set an example for us all, 
for us to thrive, succeed and not fall. 

He, who loved, advised and guided those around him, 
to Your message with his character and beauty that beam,
Allah, with the knowledge of promised heaven,verve and…

he still remained Your humble and pious servant, 
who was giving, caring but still observant, 
to justice ,peace and the emergent, 
of a faith that is complete, 
the quran, sunnah and hadith. 

And onto the gates that stay open for us 
Ramadan, our little fraction,
Where we beg and ask to our satisfaction,
And our sins, on constant subtraction, Let us be to the gates of Jannah an instant attraction,
For the deeds worth more than a thousand months, allow no distractions.
All in this one moment, magnified and pure,
Allah has opened up a door for us, rest assured,
The door to our betterment, triumph and reward,

A door closer to he who in my heart is stored.

Oh Allah, may I meet with my rasul,
who wept for me and I for him.
He, i wish to be united with, 
In the heavens, 

Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us Hamda.

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