Written by Amelia Jafar

The angel of death has visited my house twice in the last 8 months,
It has come so often
I recognise the scent it brings,
As it sits closely by my relatives,
I wonder if it is
making friends with them.

On both occasions,
its presence is never a sad parade,
I’ve noticed the days are brighter since it has come,
Laughs are sweeter,
Love permeates through this entire house,
There are always signs of good things coming,
when it visits a believer.

My late father taught me never to fear its presence,
So I am getting familiar with his entrances,
For when god asks it to come for me,
So I learned it’s name, Azrael,
It means whom God helps,
It descends from heaven by god,
For god,
To give assistance to whomever He please,
I can never not welcome him in my home,
After all, he brings news from a home unknown.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and touching piece Amelia.

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